Raven Queen

My Raven Queen is based off the Raven Queen in Dungeons & Dragons law. She is presented as a free spirited woman, who lingers by a gate house.

All through she is shown as free spirited, she lingers at the gate house due to it being the gate way to forgotten memories that she has stolen through time to keep herself as a living being. It is also shown that black raven birds flock around her, serving as eyes and ears.

My Raven Queen has hair that is as black as an ravens feather, which has two braids at the front running to the back of her head. She wears dark green and silver make up, which high lights her pale but beautiful complexion. She wears a long black cloak at time that covers her bright green dress that has sliver jewels sewed into it.

A big thank you to my photographer for shooting this character with me.

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